Thursday, July 28, 2011

Red Riding Hood?

Hi, starting a new piece which is mostly likely to become Red Riding hood.
Giving a slightly more menacing twist to it. Maybe change the feel (costuming) to more Gothic or middle earth? Who knows where it will end up? Decided to keep the armatures simple for awhile.

 Flipped the pose to a mirror image for starters.  But here is the armature. Basic wire with tubing on legs. Foil body and wrapped with tape.

I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Che bel progetto! Da cosa ti vengono queste ispirazioni?

  2. i have a fertile imagination. too many years in the theatre and watching movies, I guess.
    Ho una fervida immaginazione. Troppi anni nel teatro e guardare film credo.
    Decided to try working on my Italian after all these years,hope it makes some sense.
    Deciso di provare a lavorare sul mio italiano, dopo tutti questi anni, spero che un qualche senso.

  3. Looks always!! Thank you for always sharing with us. HUGS

  4. I can't wait to see this sculpt emerge! Love the initial sketch, I'm certain it will be fantastic! xoxo Christel

  5. Mark fantastico! Se mi dici che parli italiano così bene volo subito da te!
    W la tua fervida immaginazione! <3

  6. Alessandra, Non posso parlare Iatian a tutti, ma è vicino a Latina in modo che possa tradurre e scrivere un po '.

  7. Yes Mark! I see. Just kidding! :D
    Fortunately, there are translators to help me!

  8. Have you finished the mermaid/sailor? Loved the boots on him! I'm wondering (for Red Riding hood) how you get the fabric of her cape to be posable, but maybe you'll cover that? Do you just hide wires in the hems and seams?

    *sigh* must try this but humans are my biggest enemy in all media... it's the faces, I think.

  9. Karen, I have not finished the Mermaid/Sailor yet. Waiting a bit to be sure the tension in the piece will not crack them before I finish them.