Let's start by saying that everything I sculpt is for sale. I sculpt for the joy of sculpting not to collect my own work. If you see something you like, ask! 
I will always sell to dealers and shops. I feel that they are an integral part of our industry. For that reason, I offer my work to dealers and shops first. Sometimes the sculptures are not of the style which shops can move easily. For instance, some shops can sell Fairytale work easily but not nudes. Therefore, I offer them what they can sell.  This leaves me with a number of "other" sculptures which I make for the fun of creating.
Occasionally I have sample pieces or class pieces which I offer through other venues such as Ebay. I do established a reserve on these pieces to protect the shops' and my art's value. Sometimes they sell, sometimes not. 
I do give a number of figures away each year. If you have a worthy cause and need something to raffle, let me know. Maybe we can work something out. To date we support a wide range of worthy causes including Broadway Cares, Alexandra Symphony Orchestra League, Boy Scouts of America, Children Afflicted with Aides, the Luke 19 Project, and an assortment of local groups and organizations.
Please check out our listings if you are interested in a sculpture.
Thank You, Mark

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