Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Chase

Hi there, Wanted to share this piece with those of you who do not get to Facebook. Really, there are those of you who haven't joined the Facebook craze? This piece is an experiment in making translucent wings. Not at all how the concept started but she turned out rather well, I think.

 The project started as a test to make a textured, translucent bat wing. I have made these out of nylon before but wanted a different "look".
Recently as I was working on the roof I disturbed a bat and was able to watch it fly away from a great vantage point. I noticed that the wing membranes were not flat during the downward stroke but had a slight arc to them as they pushed against the air. I decided to recreate this and even exaggerate that arc. Here are the wings. The left one has not been colored while the right has a layer of coloring baked onto the surface. 
I am pleased with the translucency of the wing. I guess I should tell you that it is made with Translucent Liquid Sculpy. I will do another sculpt with wings, maybe a dragon (?) and show the steps I used to make them if there is interest out there.
Once the wings were made, I had to back-engineer the armature for the figure. Once again, I decided to try something new and work more expression into the face. 
 This is the final form which these experiments have taken.
 The tree is an actual tree branch to which I have added clay to change the shape of the base. I matched the bark of the real tree and then the colors  as well.

 Next I added the moth. It is again made of TLS  for the wings. Maybe a tutorial there if anyone is interested?
 the moth is supported by a wire running from the leading edge of the wing into the back for her hand. The body is clay with flocking and feathers for antennae.
The finished piece.Thanks for tuning in! Have a great day, Mark


  1. Oh, yes PLEASE!!! A TLS wing tutorial would be FANTASTIC. I currently use cellophane, acetate or silk fabric (or combinations thereof), and though they have some interesting properties, I'm not finding the texture I'm looking for - but this (at least based on your photos) seems to come closer to what I envision.

  2. I agree, I would love a TLS tutorial (and I just bought some thanks to your recent posting about it)

  3. I think this might be my favorite sculpt BUT please don't EVER make me really chose just one..I so could not do it!! I would LOVE to see a tut on making the TLS wings..pplease!!

  4. Yes please do a TLS tutorial. This is a fantastic piece.

  5. O Mark!
    Your work is just awe-inspiring! The wings are amazing and the finished piece! Wow!
    I wish I lived on your side of the country! I would soooo love to be part of the group!

  6. diddo, diddo, and more diddo! To all of the above! Fantastci Mark!! I am in awe. xoxo Christel

  7. Mark, you broke the ceiling on creating the moth and the bat's wings... Unbelievable. Would love to see a tutorial as well. Just sitting here in awe.

  8. Mark, will it help if we all beg on our knees for you to do a tutorial on these wings? I've worked with TLS before, but your wings look like they have fibers in them as well. I love sculpting dragons except want a more realistic wing for them just like what you have here. Please, please, please, do a tutorial for us!

  9. Isn't nature so inspiring? Love the toe thumb! Very nice realistic rendition, you are such an inspiration. I learn from each of your posts. TLS tutorial would be appriciated. Mine seems gummy. Was yours baked onto the wing structure?

  10. I join the request for a tutorial wings! I already bought the TLS, I can not wait! I really like this creation, and the moth wow! great everything!

  11. wow! thanks for the great post. just found your blog yesterday and it's been very, very helpful. been trying to think up how to make wings for an ambitious project (for me! would probably be just another day at work for you lol) that would need bat-like wings like the one here.