Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wrapping up the Demon

Well, we have taken quite a bit of time on this set of figures. Yesterday afternoon I was able to sit down and wrap up the wee ones.
If you have been with us along the journey, you have already met out demon.

I started the finish work on our child by putting on a pair of socks followed by canvas sneakers.

The base is pine with a layer of clay adhered to the top, sculpted to look like cobblestones and stippled in greys and greens.

I used the same coarse green duck cloth for the pants as I used for the robe on my William and Kate piece we did earlier this year (see past posts).

The shirt is yellow striped cotton and is constructed on the child.

A little note about going from design to finished piece. Those of you who have followed along may remember that this started as a little girl in a dress. Well, as the piece developed "she" then became a "he". After the shoes, pants, and shirt he was almost done. However, when I pulled this red hair out of the bin, all that changed - again. I decided that he would be better as a tomboy. The hair has a natural sweep and wave which mimic the sweep of the tentacles on the demon. I also added freckles to match the spots on the demon's face and arms.

So, here they are all done. The final steps were adding over sized buttons to the shirt to "girl it up" a bit and painting the canvas of the shoes in pink.

Thanks for joining us. I would love to see your creations on this theme if you sculpted along. Please check the "kiddies" out on our Ebay store this week: just look for "Mark Dennis" and they should pop up.
Have a great day!


  1. Looks great! I love both characters:)

  2. Consummate sculpture always Mark
    hugs K

  3. Mark what's your ebay ID? Can't find you under your name.

  4. Wonderful, looks seamless. You must be quite an experienced draper as well after so many years dressing your sculpts. =)

  5. Wonderful,,,, as always.... need I say more??? Sorry I keep having to set as anonymous.....
    carla g. IncantoStudios

  6. Gotta love it! Fantastic piece, Mark! Of course, they always are! :)