Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The tentacles are finished on the demon so last night I sat down and had a painting party. I wanted to have a mottled skin look so I used three washes: "Blush" which is the same color as the clay. "Adobe Red", and "Plum" which is purple. Each used a formula of 2 parts retarder to 1 part acrylic paint. They were applied with a mop brush.
1. The entire figure was wet-down with the blush wash.
2. The Red wash was stippled into the  first wash.
3. I kept going back and forth with these stippling them until I had a mottled surface.
4. The plum color was stippled into the surface sparingly.
5. More layers of the blush wash were then added as needed to tone down the plumb.
6. Spots were added to the back, tentacles, and face using plum and blush.

The extender makes the plum colored spots more translucent so the underlying skin shows better.

Once the paint dried, the entire figure was covered with Translucent Liquid Sculpy and cured with the heat gun so the skin has a see-through layer on top of the painting. The final step is to cover the tentacles with Sculpy Glaze which is allowed to puddle and will harden as drips on the tentacles.
The child is done with an Adobe Red and retarder wash, drybrush accents of Adode Red on the cheeks, nose, etc., and some shadowing around the eyes.

They will dry the rest of the day then on to costuming.
I would be happy to recreate the paint job with pictures if anyone out there asks.
Have a great day!


  1. All your works are amazing.

    With love Leo Leandry

  2. Awesome painting on the demon especially, Mark. I used a similar technique when painting my marble table in my GW vignette. Love making things using the creative painting techniques. Both are looking wonderful!

  3. Oh my - this is turning out to be amazing. I don't sculpt but have been following the progress on this wonderful image. I would love to know how many others are following along and creating their own?

  4. Dear Mark.... since you asked, I would not want to ask more of you.... but I would personally love to see your painting in more detail..... I've had a tough time painting my pieces.... somehow I always end up with spots and uneven paint everywhere.... I really don't know where I am going wrong..... I've tried your retarder method and genesis paints as well.... with no success.... any help would be so appreciated.... Many thanks and hugs, carla g.

  5. Amazing job. :O

    I would love to see your breakdown of the paintjob. I can find almost no resources out there for how to use paints as washes or create realistic 'skin' through paint. =)

  6. Yes, Please. I'm with Carla and Alex. Painting is a larger issue, for me, than hands and feet. Thank you. Fran. (My computer setup doesn't seem to be responding, so had to go with anonymous)

  7. I learn so much when you post! Would really love to see more photos of how you did the detailing/
    Thanks for asking
    hugs K

  8. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for sharing your processes on your amazing sculptures!! I would also be interested in seeing some detailing of the painting and use of heat gun. :)

  9. The result of your painting is amazing how your whole creation. I did not understand something because I'm Italian and the translator does not help me much. I'll give you lots of compliments. You're a great artist!

  10. I love your sculptures!!!

  11. Amazing, this is really beautiful.
    Beautiful work.