Saturday, May 21, 2011

White Rabbit

Hi there! Well, we all survived the show in Philly last week. Got to meet some great artists there: Sprite, and Linda to name two! Had a continuation of the party after that as Kelly and I got to host Maryanne Oldenburg and Diane Keeler at our home for a few days after the show. Love to rub elbows with the who's who of doll making! We had a great time sculpting in the studio for a few days and the three of us batted around ideas for this little guy while we worked on (of all things) dragons. Go figure!
So here is the White Rabbit to go with the Alice set. Look for the complete set at The Toy Shoppe!

A special thanks to Greg O. for being the inspiration for this!
 I'll get back to the child and the demon this coming week.  Have a great day!


  1. This is a wonderful piece! And, you did this just this week while still playing with dragons? How? You're so fast! Hope you'll share pics of your dragons, too! I've made two myself and they are lots of fun. Have to enjoy something a little different than dolls once in a while. LOL

  2. Ingenious!!! You are ingenious!!!! Hugs, carla g.

  3. It that Greg Oritz? He looks so familiar. MaryAnne & Diane are so much FuN to be around and both so fuLL of energy. I would have LOVe to have been there... dragons?

  4. It 's great! You are great! Congratulations!

  5. Oh Mark, Thank you so much!! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and spend time with you and Kelly! Hope to again soon :) Dragons!! Be still my heart :D I've wondered before if you ever sculpt them. Please do share pictures! Your white rabbit is awesome!!!! How could it not be with your sculpting and Gregg inspiring it! Love and hugs, Sprite