Monday, May 9, 2011


Finished this guy. Now to get a presentation ready for the show.


  1. Mark, this is incredible! You must have the most imaginative mind out there! Your creativity never stops amazing me. What I would give to have your talent! Can't wait to see a pic of the set together! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My goodness this is breathtaking! You are always such an inspiration!

  3. If I only had a brain, it reminds me of myself with each stick being a diff. thought...before coffee in the It is a stunning piece. You really think outside the box, you have an awesome brain.

  4. This piece is both magnificent and creepy at the same time, your concepts are amazing! Wish I could live on your door step and be an apprentice for a few months! Whoever buys this set will spend many hours just staring at them. Many thanks for sharing your creative genius with the world.

  5. LOL! Ditto on ALL said on this whole set of sculpts.

    Annie, i WiSH KeLLy & Mark would adopt me... *G*

    I think with Mark working in the Theatre helps hone his iMaGiNATiON with his work with students. I know when i helped with the technical theatre with my children, students and their schools it really helped my iMaGiNATiON.

    You learn when teaching or creating with others because you get to share their views on what ever you are working on, the same thing happens when you are involved in a workshop with a master artist and a group. The new ideals just bounce off each other and new ones appear. When you go to creative convention/workshop or are involved in any of the above, with many people, students, etc., you can feel the inspiration in the air. It just vibrates. Literally!


  6. Mark - excellent concept! Loving everything about this one!