Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Kelly and I had a wonderful time this weekend at the Quinlan's Doll and Teddy Bear Show just outside Philadelphia, PA. I worked up to the last few minutes to get things finished so I thought I would just give you a look at my pieces for the show before we get back to work on sculpting.
That moment when day meets night in one fleeting embrace: "TWILIGHT"
My piece for the signature gallery which won both an Art's Choice and a Collector's Choice Award.
"NEMEAN" will be heading off the the Susan Quinlan Museum in California today.
I made our hosts a little gift in appreciation of all they do to support the art doll world.
And last, the twins: my awards from the show. These mean so much to me because the are awarded by my fellow artists and collectors, not a few judges with an agenda.
I hope you all have a great day of sculpting. We will get back to work here in the next couple of days!


  1. straordinario...non ho parole! bravissimo ;)

  2. Well done! amazing, amazing work.

  3. Wow Mark! Firstly, congratulations on your awards! Well deserved. I can't choose a favorite :0 The portrait pieces are delightful, I'm sure your gift was a huge compliment to them. The Collectors/artist choice piece is amazing! So many details, and such perfection. NEMEAN is simply beautiful! You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. Have a great week. warmly, Christel

  4. Lovely work, deserved rewards! Congratulations!

  5. Just love love love your work!