Wednesday, April 9, 2014


As you can see, the design of the piece is very simple: the armature for the figure need only support the figure's weight just as if it was sitting directly on a base. All we have done is add an additional support to this basic armature to raise the piece of the plane of the base.

The two sides of the armature are shaped and cut to match the layout. In addition, a longer piece of wire is added to the group to support the prebaked polymer skull.

All the parts of the armature are ready to assemble. I have switched from a steel rod to a brass rod for the support post and added the brass tube with a flattened end which will be installed in the spine of the figure.

The two sides of the armature are foil taped together. (These can be soldered if you wish however, the weight of the figure is less than one pound so that really isn't needed)

The body armature is shaped to the final shape of the figure with arch in the spine and twist to the torso before the support is added.

The brass tube is attached to the spine with the open end protruding from the armature far enough to allow for the depth of the finished clay.

The armature is padded with foil and taped to keep the clay clean.

Clay is conditioned and applied to the armature.
Next we will sculpt the figure.
Have a great day of sculpting!


  1. Even with the bare bones your pieces still portray movement. As if they have a life of their own!

  2. non vedo l'ora di vederla finita...:)