Thursday, June 21, 2012


I will try to include as many details and tips as I can while doing this piece.  Feel free to ask details if I miss something.
For complex sculptures; in this case a cantilevered figure, pre-planning is essential for strength.

 Here is a very fast sketch of the concept for this piece.

This overlay shows the armature inside the figures.
The main support (black) is either a rod or series of wire and tubes which will support the two figures and will run from the base through the body of the bird to end as a socket for the support in the hand of the child. In this case I used a 14 gauge wire inside a 5/32 brass tube as the main support.
The rest of the bird armature is a  14 gauge wire which will be attached to the main support (red).
Support for the child is a simple wire armature (if you are not familiar with this, look in the older posts on the blog) with a 3/16 tube over the left arm wire which slips over the end of the main support tube (orange).

 The main support
 Neck and right leg part of the armature
 The two parts of the armature are joined with foil tape.
An additional brass rod is taped to the knee joint to add more support.

More to follow in days to come.
Thanks for looking, have a great day!


  1. Great I will follow this!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the final effect :)

  3. Can't wait. To see. This piece. Progress. I would love. To see in more detail. How u make your hands so realistic, especially. How to create. The fingers. And then attach. Them to the hand it would. Be much. Appreciated. Luke

  4. Hi Mark, glad you're back sculpting ;) Nice piece! Of course I will follow, but I have a question. The foil tape you use, is it aluminiumfoil tape? Or a kind of 'plastic'? Because the aluminiumfoil tape I found on the net can only have max. 100 degrees Celsius for a short period ...
    Thank you for your reaction. Have a nice day :) Tonia

  5. Tonia, I have done some tests and the results are in the next blog post.