Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dorothy Gale

Hi all, Sorry to be away for so long. We have just finished Dracula at the theater and I have a few days until we pack up the set, lights, sound, etc and head off to the state theater conference to do one more show. I decided to take the next few days to work on a new piece. I will return to the Alice piece after this but I decided I needed a fresh start on something.
Meet "Dorothy Gale; Tornado Aviatrix". She will be part of my take on the Wizard of Oz. She is actually a witch hunter for hire.
I start with a design idea and rough sketch for the piece.

The armature starts with a 14 gauge wire covered with brass tubing. 
 The upper part of the armature does not need the brass support tubes.
A 3/16" tube is added to the spine for the support rod to insert.
 The upper, lower, and support tube are foil taped together.

 The other side of the armature.
The armature with the support rod inserted.

 Foil is packed onto the frame to pad out the thicker parts of the figure to use less clay.
 The armature is wrapped with tape to keep the oxidation from transferring to the clay. A polymer clay skull with open mouth is fit to the body.
Another view.
She is now ready to sculpt. More in the days to come. Have a great day!


  1. Love your step by step...thanks!!!

  2. Great step by step photos, and explanations Mark! Love seeing your pieces come to life from the ground..err wire up! Love the concept of giving Dorothy a new twist as a witch hunter! The implied steampunk style will go so well with this concept! Thank you for sharing your immense talents! Christel

  3. Im glad you're back and congrats on the success of Dracula!

  4. This piece has caught my interest and I can't wait to see how this witch hunter turns out. I really like these step by step posts. It's always interesting to see how others create.

  5. I was missin' ya'! Glad you showed us some more. ~Judy =^..^=

  6. This is wonderful! I will be watching and waiting for her to be finished. I also appreciate your step by steps...Thank you.