Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heads UP!

Wanted to take a moment to give you a heads up about the near future on this blog.
I will be backing off from the writing for a bit. This is due to a number of factors as follows:
 Next week is a class week for us here so lots of prep to be done to get ready for the class, then a
week of sculpting class, then crashing after the class. I will attempt to take pictures during the class and post as we go.
Lots of orders for sculpture to get filled so I will be posting as they are getting finished but not a lot of the process.
Looking into the "how" of giving away a few dolls. Perhaps a raffle? We are connected to a few local non-profits who have experienced funding cuts from the government as well as lower donations due to the economy. I was thinking of offering a doll as an online raffle to aid one of these groups. Most raffles are one item so only one person has a chance to win. I am thinking of one item for every twenty people who enter so you have a one in twenty chance to win. Perhaps even smaller items as well like study models or practice heads etc... to increase the odds of winning something. Things to consider are which non-profit group to help, how much is a spot in the raffle, and would anyone out there participate. Drop a line and let me know your feelings on this. Thanks!
For those of you who do not know, for the past eight years I have been teaching technical theater after school at the local high school (GO PENN MANOR!) for fun. My degree is actually in Tech Theatre We have been planning our fall play all summer. This year it will be Dracula. This production is tech heavy, our first real drama in years,  and we are taking it on tour to the State Thespian Conference after showing it at the high school. This means a lot of transportable sets, lighting, and sound which translates into a lot of me working at the school. On top of all that, we have been without power in the theatre all summer so there is the usual lighting and sound maintenance to deal with which I usually complete before school starts. Just got word that the power is on so I will be living in the theatre for awhile!

Here is the latest of three new pieces I am working on:

I hope you will keep checking in from time to time, and have a great day!


  1. I am interested in the raffle:) Have a great day Mark!

  2. I would participate in a raffle esp if its for a non profit organization.

  3. I would definately buy a raffle ticket.

  4. Wonderful idea, Mark, especially because I plan to win at least one! My suggestion for the non-profit is Dreamwrights (of course) and my suggestion for the raffle would be a 'buy a block' type thing. You make a grid on a piece of paper with as many blocks as you think appropriate, number the blocks and sell them. When the grid is full, pick a number from a hat, and the person holding that number block wins! That way you can control the number of entries and the total amount of money raised. Good luck! (-Dee Schroll from Dreamwrights' lighting class)

  5. If I have the funds at the time of the raffle..I'm definitely in! I am tucking a bit back as I type! Christel

  6. The raffle is a wonderful idea! As far as you not be able to post progress on here, I'm sure everyone is happy to just see the pics if you find time to post them, especially the pics of your class...what fun! IDK how you do it all!

  7. Mark you are very busy! I can not wait to see many photos. The lottery is a great idea!

  8. The new work is looking great, the raffle sounds great, also. Can not wait to see the finished piece.

    Have FuN with the technical TheaTre, i did not realize you had a degree in it. I spent many years helping my son and daughter's magnet schools in Technical Theatre. They were both TheaTre majors.

    When we got to the High School level, i learned sooo Much! I think i EnJOYeD iT just as much as the students. The HS was DASOTA and we always went to state, they have gone to the International Thespian Convention also, but after my last one graduated. Have FUN. Share pictures.

    It is so ~*MAGiCAL*~ to watch TheaTre come to LiFE!


  9. That sounds great. Count me in.


  10. A raffle sounds like lots of fun. I need to start trying to tuck some cash back for sure! There are many organizations who could benefit from this, but one that is special and dear to my heart right now would be for Alzheimer's patients. My father is battling this disease right now and my mother is being tested for it. I'm praying the results of hers are negative. If I could sculpt as well as you, I'd be joining you in this quest! Unfortunately, I still need lots more practice. I hope you raise top dollars for your creations, Mark! You deserve to!