Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Leprechaun (Pants-at long last)

The pants are made of leather from an old coat. Four panels are cut in the same shape (two are mirror images)

The panels are placed with the polished sides together and then sewn together with a leather stitching tool.
 Once the sewing is done, they are turned right side out and worked up the legs being careful not to rip out the stitching.

 The bottoms of the legs at the knee are turned under and a strip of leather is inserted under the turned under edge to give the look of knickers. (Note the difference: right side has no knickers , left side does.

The top edge is done the same way to give a waistband to the pants.
  Waistband in the front.

Once the pants are in place I use a thread burner to burn tiny stitching into the shoes and pants.       


  1. Learned something new...I didn't know there was a thing called a thread burner! The clothing fits wonderfully. I find that working with leather is difficult but I love the combination of lots of textures on one character. Can hardly wait to see more...he's alive!
    Many, many thanks,

  2. I didn't know about thread burners either!:) What a handy little tool. I will have to add it to my collection...Thanks Mark!:)

  3. i just looked for a thread burner in the uk but we dont have em it looks like a good little gadget thanks