Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leprechaun head

Bouncing back from the nymph to this little guy. Lets take a look at sculpting an older face. Keep in mind that this will be more of a caricature than a portrait.

A layer of conditioned clay is placed on the forehead of the skull overlapping the tops of the eyes.
 Extra clay is trimmed of the back of the skull so there is a place to hold the clay.
 Clay is applied to the jaw and side of the face being careful not to add too much clay over the nose area.
The clay is worked around the eyes to keep them open at this point.

 A wedge of clay is added to the nose area and is rough shaped.
The nose is shaped to that typical of an older man which is larger at the tip.

 A pad of clay is applied to the upper lip area of the mouth

Lower lip is added.

Cheeks have a little more clay added to give a rounder look. 

 Lower lids are added and the bags under the eyes are started to be defined.

 Upper lids and brow are added.

 Brow is increased to add more character. The eyes are shaped to give the "puppy dog" look of the drooping outside.

 The forehead is enlarged to give a more dwarfish look.

 The lower jaw is thickened in preparation of a thick neck and double chin to be added after the head is attached.

 Playing with some character. Raised the mouth and eyebrow on one side.
 Forehead wrinkles and crow's feet are added on the same side so you can compare the rough face to the working side.
 Detailed side of the face.
Both sides detailed. Little bit of a smile added to the entire mouth area. We'll hop back to the torso and do some work now that we have a head. Have a great day (without snow)!


  1. I must say you do awesome work...question please, in my past while learning to sculpt on line i was taught to begin with a tin foil ball as the base for a head, this has never worked well, and i see you first sculpt a skull then add the facial the skull cured first, before adding features? if not how do you keep the clay from shifting meaning eyes and other features? thanks for your help...christen

  2. Christen, All the skull info is on the blog post about the skull (Back to Basics - skull)in the archives.

  3. Hello,
    I'm unsure as to how to get to the Archives? I can only go as far back as when you began the Satyr. Help?