Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello my friends,
Last January I stopped blogging so Kelly and I could work on building clientele for the brick and mortar gallery in downtown Lancaster and help our sons move forward with their life goals.
 Since we were together last, our joy is that our youngest son has graduated from college and gotten married.
Sadly, we closed the gallery.
On the up side, we have released two new video sets: "Autumn" a 12" tall female full figure sculpt on six DVDs and "Old World Santa" a 12" dressed male figure on two DVDs. Both videos are shot over my shoulder so you see the work as it progresses.
 "Autumn contains over nine hours of real-time sculpting and sells for $160.00 in the US (170.00 overseas) with shipping included.
 "Santa" is over five hours of sculpting and dressing and sells for $60.00 in the US (70.00 overseas) with shipping included.
 Both sets cover the armature, applying clay, painting, wigging, and dressing of the figure.
If you ever wanted to attend a class with me but can't, this is as close as you can get.
You can order on our site: by clicking on the SHOP icon.


  1. hello...;) I have noticed you didn't posted your works,now Im very happy to see your new sculptus! this your last creature is wonderful! kiss.

  2. Good to see you back...
    The 'Autumn' DVDs are great, just started viewing them and had purchased the 'Dryad' DVDS (2) before which are excellent sculpting references also.

    1. I am so glad you are finding them helpful, thanks!

  3. I have viewed your blog several times and I am truly amazed at your realistic art figures. You have a wonderful and glorious talent. So sorry you had to close the gallery. I'm glad to see you blogging again.