Monday, January 14, 2013


Today we will take a look at how we are going to support this monster. The main support for the boat, sailor, and two mermaids will be placed inside one of the mermaids.
 The armature for the first mermaid is a simple 14G wire form which can be found in earlier posts. The lower wires are left longer so she has more length to the tail. The three parts of the armature are foil taped together.

The main support for this piece will be a 3/16" steel rod. The rod is bent to fit into a base, follow the curve of the mermaid's tail, bend at the mermaid's waist then proceed into the body where it will exit the figure where one breast touches the side of the boat. The rod is left long at the top so I can run through the boat for support.

A hole is drilled through the boat hull just under the seat support.

This image shows the rod passing through the boat under the two seat supports.

And out the other side. The second mermaid will be hung on the end of this support rod.

The rod is secured into the armature with foil tape.

The armature in place.

The armature is padded with foil and wrapped with masking tape to keep the clay clean.

Some heads are waiting for their bodies. Next time we will look at the sculpting of the first mermaid.
Have a great clay day!


  1. Thank you so much Mark for showing us how you do things. Pictures makes such a big difference!!


  2. cool! thanks so much - am still reading and learning (and trying to find materials!) and you're blogs are always more than helpful! can't wait to see the finished piece - i'm sure it's going to be amazing as your works usually are.

  3. Impatiente de voir la suite!
    Douce soirée

  4. Je suis en admiration devant les différentes têtes ! mais comment faites vous...? les miennes ne ressemblent jamais à rien ^^

  5. This looks as though it is going to be another wonderful piece Mark. I am really looking forward to watching how this grows into the final sculpture.

  6. Your work continues to surprise me and grow! Your FB page has been very fascinating to follow, your shoppe studio is so inspirational.

    Thank YOU again so much for sharing your work and tips.

    Looking forward to your new DVD! ~JL