Saturday, July 7, 2012


 The armature for the riding figure is scaled to an existing "smaller person". The lower part of the armature is 14 gauge wire bent in half at the base of the neck and bent again at the waist and hip joints.
 The upper part of the figure is 14 gauge wire also and is bent at the waist then a 3/16 tube is slipped over the left arm. The wire is bent at the base of the neck and again at the shoulder socket and elbow.
 The top and bottom wires are overlapped from the waist to the base of the neck and taped together with foil tape.
* Foil tape is rated to 230 degrees (F). What I have found in playing with the tape is this: the tape will take higher temps without damage to the foil but the glue becomes soft and melt at 280 degrees. We are covering the tape with foil and masking tape both of which shield the foil tape from the higher temperate of curing so the tape does not react badly to our firing temp of 280 degrees.
The tube over tube connection for the left arm is adjusted for length and the body is padded with foil on the armature. Be careful to compress the foil lightly so air pockets have room to expand inside the body during curing. All surfaces are wrapped in masking tape to keep the clay from picking up oxidation from metal surfaces.
We are ready to apply clay ... next time.
Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you Mark! I'll buy some foil and try to work with it ;) Saw your 'rider' finished and it looks awesome! Love to follow your step-by-step pics.
    Have a nice day! Tonia